ECDIS Solutions FAQs

You can find the most frequently asked questions about ECDIS Solutions.

We are happy to include installation in our managed service if that is what you wish.

In EFF you are only paying the data. So please understand that we need a certain amount of data to give you two ECDIS for free.

If you like to get a better rate we can for offer eGlobe + the digital services for smaller trading areas.

Yes, initial certificates are free of charge, but those that need to be purchased later are more expensive.

Starting from the first certificate, we offer the lowest available Safebridge price worldwide (99*12/8= 148.50 USD per certificate).

We do not offer lease as an option; we offer a managed subscription service with all the financial benefits that this brings.

We can prove that the lifetime cost of ECDIS far outweighs the cost of our managed service. It would be our pleasure to meet with you and go through this calculation fully.

o Did you calculate a warranty for the other offers? Normally the charge is approx. 2,000 USD per year after the second year of service. After two years, spare parts can easily double the system’s cost.

o Did you talk to your finance department or bank about whether they considered the capital cost of buying an ECDIS? In our case, this is close to zero.

o Did you think about ECDIS for free? In that concept, you are only paying for digital data; that way, in effect, ECDIS is free. No one in the market is cheaper than free of charge.

Our services include everything for the lifetime of your ECDIS, owning it and running it; to compare this with buying an ECDIS is to only look at the hardware and none of the other costs.

You are paying a small monthly fee with the following advantages:

o Reduced initial investment costs
o We do the financing
o We offer a fixed budget for the lifetime of your vessel
o No unexpected costs
o We take care that your ECDIS is always working → lowest downtime in the market

Our intention is to provide maximum convenience to you as our customer. If the vessel does not need service, then we have done our job. This contrasts with our competitors’ approach.

We can do a software-upgrade-only option for $49/month.

Please do not worry; we will help you in the transition process.

One of the reasons you chose us was the possibility to cancel the agreement at short notice. That is our business concept and we are happy to assist.

As you know from your AM t&p, you have different options to manage this kind of change

o Buy the system outright
o Put us in touch with the new owners
o Cancel the agreement with 30 days notice