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ChartBrowser is a multi-function application that provides a catalogue of custom digital charts. It allows you to import routes, calculate them, or manually create them; to select charts (based on your route); to manage your existing chart inventory, and to create a basket file that can be used to order selected products directly from ChartWorld. Orders can be executed online via email, directly from your vessel. Chart data delivered, such as permits and chart updates (e.g. in S-63 format), can be received quickly on board, via ChartBrowser. Then this data can be exported in such a way that it is applied to ECDIS/ECS systems. The digital chart catalogue can be updated automatically, using the ChartWorld update service or via catalogue download from our HTTP server.

Current released Version: ChartBrowser 2.4.x, August 2018

In addition, the following features are provided:

  • Weekly receipt of ECDIS chart updates, NtM updates, as well as updates of product catalogues.
  • Easy export of chart data that is received: all ECDIS chart updates (AVCS, AIO) which have been received can be combined into one ꞌexchange setꞌ. This exchange set is a cumulative collection of all chart updates received since the last registered AVCS media state. Users on board can simply import this one exchange set into the ECDIS instead of the single weekly exchange sets.
  • Automatic route generation and automatic collection of chart products for routes crossed by this route.
  • Using email to send online chart orders and to receive the chart-data permits.
  • Management of vessel budgets for ordering chart products and other nautical publications.
  • Automated inventory maintenance.
  • Includes port-database/container-terminal database with more than 4,000 destinations.
  • ChartBrowser automatically scans for any data not held (e.g. chart updates not received via satellite transfer) and will request this data from ChartWorld Server.
  • Automatic generation (also for printing) of an Update Status Report on the ENC portfolio to be used for Port State Control inspections. For each ENC it contains the latest S-57 edition and update number, as well as information on when the update was received. Information is also provided regarding data export and AVCS media volumes. Any outdated charts are indicated as such.
  • Automated generation of weekly NtM update reports, with print function for tracings, diagrams, and block-charts. A retrospective eNtM database in ChartBrowser enables older NtMs to be reloaded and viewed. NtMs which have been entered into a paper chart can be marked ‘Applied’ and will not be reloaded for this particular chart.
  • Operating ChartBrowser in ꞌShipping Company Modeꞌ allows for verification of chart orders sent from the vessels. The complete vessel inventory can be downloaded and compared with the charts ordered from that vessel. Orders can be automatically accepted or rejected. Order notifications and budget information are automatically sent to the shipping company.

These catalogues are supported by ChartBrowser:

ChartBrowser Catalogue NamesProduct Categories
Official ENCsAVCS (Admiralty Vector Charts Service) and PRIMAR Official ENCs
ChartWorld ChartsChartWorld ENCs
Professional+ ChartsProfessional+
Inland ENCsOfficial Inland ECDIS ENCs
Admiralty Raster Charts ServiceAdmiralty Raster Charts Service
Admiralty Paper ChartsAdmiralty Paper Charts
Total TideTotal Tide
Admiralty List of LightsAdmiralty List of Lights
Admiralty List of Radio SignalsAdmiralty List of Radio Signals
Admiralty Digital List of Lights Admiralty Tide Tables Admiralty Digital Radio Signal Stations Vol 1,3,4,5 Admiralty Digital Radio Signal Stations Vol 2 Admiralty Digital Radio Signal Stations Vol 6Admiralty Digital Products
Admiralty e-NP Sailing Directions Admiralty e-NPAdmiralty e-NP
Admiralty Nautical Publication & BooksAdmiralty Nautical Publication & Books
IMO Nautical Publications & BooksIMO Nautical Publications & Books

ChartBrowser can be made available in three different modes:

  • Vessel Operation Mode aboard a vessel, to order and update charts online via email communication
  • Shipping Company Mode at the shipping company, to verify orders from the vessels
  • Standard Mode to manually generate orders without any online order/updating facility

To get a free copy of ChartBrowser and to find out how to efficiently manage your ECDIS/ECS data coverage for your navigation systems, please register below.

Before installing ChartBrowser, we advise removing previous versions. Recommended minimum system requirements for installing ChartBrowser are:

  • Windows 7 (32 and 64bit), Windows 8 / 8.1
  • Screen resolution 1024 by 1024 pixels
  • Processor 1 GHz
  • 512 MB memory
  • 200 MB free disk space for the installation + 600 MB free disk space for paper chart database in case ChartWorld eNtM Service is to be used
  • Offline internet browser to view Notices to Mariners in HMTL format in case ChartWorld eNTM Service is to be activated
  • PDF reader to view Notices to Mariners in PDF format in case ChartWorld eNTM Service is to be activated
  • If available, a ChartBrowser dedicated email account to be used for online ordering/updating

Please contact ChartWorld if you wish to use ChartBrowser in the Shipping Company office and /or on the vessel for online ordering and chart updating. Otherwise you may use ChartBrowser in standard mode (select "Use ChartBrowser without ChartWorld Online Ordering and Chart Updating Services" at the first start).

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