General Description

MyFleet is a web application, intended for use in a shipping companies office or by the shipping company staff at travel or at home. The main purpose of MyFleet – to do the vessels voyage plan due diligence from a safety perspective. MyFleet shows the vessels voyage plans and provides insight on the safety-related environment such as navigational data, current route, weather, digital data used at the monitored vessel.

The monitoring function is provided by the overlaying of different information on the electronic chart in the web environment (Web Map Service). The user of MyFleet can select and filter the information he would like to see as well as can configure monitored fleet by a selection of vessels.

Supported environment

Since MyFleet is a web application, running at the AWS cloud, it could be accessed from a standard internet browser.

MyFleet has been tested and confirmed to work correctly in the following configuration

  • Windows 10.
  • Minimum screen size: 1024x768px
  • Browsers (Chrome/Edge/Firefox)
  • Internet Connection and access to Amazon Web Services



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