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In recent years more companies and organizations dealing with maritime matters have experienced a demand to include electronic charts in various applications and services they have in use. For example, they are displayed in monitoring applications together with other geodata, or as a simple backdrop to provide a geographic reference.

ChartWorld Hosting Services is an advanced web mapping solution, intended to enhance your application with a world coverage of electronic charts, using a web-based service.


Try this Demo Client to experience the Hosting Service in conjunction with US ENCs. They were downloaded from the NOAA website; it may be the case that they do not contain the latest data available from NOAA. By using this service you accept the User Agreement.

Interactive Map

Based on the own technology specifically designed to correctly display Electronic Charts, the system combines facilities of SevenCs WMS (Web Map Service) ChartServer and integrates a choice of different digital chart products.

ChartWorld Hosting Services provides access to a worldwide chart database, always up to date, accessible from every point of the globe.  Any web-client or application that supports the OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standard can easily access and use this service.


The C-Map Professional Charts of this service are the same as used by a wide range of professional navigation systems (ECDIS and ECS). The service contains the global coverage of C-Map digital charts.

C-Map Chart
 Long Beach. C-Map Charts


Other chart products:

ChartWorld Hosting Services can also be fuelled with chart products from other suppliers or origin - e.g. freely available S-57 charts (ENC, AML), ChartWorld Charts, Inland ENCs from a variety of Waterway Authorities, and other digital chart data customers may have access to.

IENC. River Elbe
Lock Gustavsburg
Inland ENC. River Main Lock Gustavsburg

The chart images provided by our service are almost identical to the data used on the ship's navigation instruments. Nevertheless, this service is not intended for navigation, but solely for viewing and retrieving information from digital nautical charts in a web-environment or a company-specific application.



End users are relieved from any installation and updating of chart data. ChartWorld takes care of the complete chart management and makes it unparalleled support for every professional chart data user.



Our unique worldwide background chart with useful and safety-relevant information on a scale of 1:1.000.000 is included.  Additional information such as traffic separation and more than 4000 main harbour locations bring additional value and safety to users.



The WMS ChartServer Hosting Service is very flexible and has been optimized for interoperability with third-party services. This enables the end-user to interact with other geospatial data, e.g. weather, tide, land, and satellite.  Besides this, it is possible to integrate the service into third-party applications (e.g. GIS and geo-data viewers) that have WMS-viewing functions.



SevenCs WMS ChartServer constitutes the technical backbone of ChartWorld Hosting Services. To learn more about the technical details and to enjoy some user experience, please refer to the product introduction page of WMS ChartServer.