Major Enhancement of CIO+


ChartWorld is proud to announce an immediate enhancement of the data distributed in ChartWorld’s Information Overlay Data Service, CIO+.

CIO+ delivers T&P Notices to Mariners and navigational warnings in ECDIS user-chart format (also known as Mariners’ Notes or Maps). It is also compatible with the most popular ECDIS models. We have now added the following data to the CIO+ Navigational Warnings Database.

  • Greek Warnings
  • Turkish Warnings
  • MENAS (Middle East Navigation Aids Service)
  • Northern Sea Route West & East
  • Chinese Warnings from 33 Coastal Administrations of China MSA.

CIO+ obtains data from T&P Notices to Mariners, Coastal and Local navigational warnings, and NAVTEX (in some areas); then it adds these elements to navigational warnings obtained from NAVAREA Coordinators. This makes CIO+ NAVAREA a powerful combination of input sources.

The following data sources have been incorporated into the CIO+

  • T&P Notices to Mariners, issued by UKHO, China MSA, China NGA, Indian HO, and Colombian HO
  • Warnings and Notices issued by 21 NAVAREA Coordinators
  • Coastal and Local Warnings issued by 125 Coastal Administrations.

ChartWorld’s data team consists of professional hydrographers, cartographers, and experts in geomatic science. The team continuously performs a gap analysis, to define any important navigational information absent from the official ENC data. This analysis is directed at further extending the data sources used for CIO+ production.

On the picture: Left – Navigational Warnings, published by Shanghai MSA Coastal Administration on the MSA website.   Right – Shanghai MSA Warnings in CIO+ are shown as an overlay on top of ENC data.