Dear Customer,
Please read the following instructions before entering the shop.

Selecting Charts

Our shop is offering more than 50,000 different electronic charts and chart products in different formats.
In order to conveniently select the correct and most suitable charts for your voyage, you can use the Graphical Chart Selection Tool or select your chart product from the menu on the left.

Graphical Chart Selection Tool

Users that are familiar with ChartBrowser, our offline chart selection software, can continue using it if they wish. You just need to download ChartBrowser and install it. Once charts have been selected in ChartBrowser, you can load a 'basket' into the web shop, for simplified ordering (Upload Basket File).

What is required to process an order?

When you enter the shop you can browse the individual chart products and select those that are of interest. Once you are ready to place an order you will be asked to either register in our shop or sign in (if you are a registered customer already).

To register in our shop you will be guided to the ePortal and we ask for some information, such as address and contact details. This is to be done only once, as you will get a user name and password for all orders that follow. You can register right now, or at a later stage if you prefer to browse through our product portfolio first. If you decide to register right now, we recommend to also register your software application before you return to the shop. The following paragraph describes what to do.

To enable us to provide you with the correct data formats, we also need you to register the software (also referred to as an "installation") you want to use. This is also done in the ePortal - you just need to log in and follow the new installation procedure. During this process you will be asked to enter the S-63 ENC User Permit and/or the Hardware ID. Kindly make sure that this information is at hand when registering in our shop.

For Orca Pilot X installations we provide a dedicated software registration procedure in the ePortal.

For purchasing charts you need a credit card (Master/Visa).

Management of your account via the ePortal

All registered users can access the ePortal to manage their account. During the registration in the ChartWorld shop, an ePortal account will be created. Use the ePortal to review your orders and registered installations, check your account settings, change your login data, etc.

The ePortal is also used to register additional software installations and provides a dedicated registration link for Orca Pilot X.

Chart Type

Charts can be ordered in two different formats.
Based on the details you have given, we will automatically select the best choice for you.

S-63 official format which can be used in all navigation systems which are able to read ENCs
directENC a format (SENC) which makes handling and loading charts much easier.
Please contact the navigation system manufacturer or ChartWorld, to get confirmation on whether this format is supported

Please use the left menu items to enter the shop or click here.