Efficient Chart Selection & Management - Automatic Routing - Online Chart Ordering & Chart Updating for your ECDIS / ECS

ChartBrowser is a custom digital chart catalogue application that allows you to import, calculate or manually create routes, select charts (based on your route), manage your existing chart inventory, and create a basket file that can be used to order selected products directly from ChartWorld. Orders can be executed online via E-mail directly from your vessel. Delivered chart data such as permits and chart updates (e.g. in S-63 format) can be received directly from within ChartBrowser on board. This data then can be exported to be applied to ECDIS/ ECS systems. The digital chart catalogue can be updated automatically by means of the ChartWorld update service or via catalogue download from our HTTP server.

New features for Release Version: ChartBrowser2.3.x, September 2015

Extended Product Portfolio for Ordering:
The new version offers an extended product portfolio. In addition to the digital chart products multiple nautical publications (digital / non-digital) of the UKHO and IMO can be ordered. For example users can order the UKHO digital products ADP and e-NP. These products can be ordered online directly via a ChartBrowser vessel installations. Updates of the new product portfolio will also be supplied via the known small weekly catalogue updates directly send on board.


Backup tool for eNtM data and /or complete ChartBrowser Repository:
With installation of ChartBrowser 2.3.x a “Backup Creator” tool is installed automatically. It allows to back-up all NtM data as well as the complete ChartBrowser repository such as received ECDIS chart updates, permits, catalogue updates, Email communication settings and vessel licence data. The “BackupCreator” also provides a function to restore backup data to the same or to another ChartBrowser instance. This can be used in case of migration purposes.

Furthermore, following new features are provided:

  • Data that was received can also be loaded manually into ChartBrowser
  • User can send a Diagnostic file for missing data such as ECDIS chart updates or missing weekly NtM updates. ChartWorld will reply and send the missed data on board
  • ChartBrowser is also automatically scanning for missing data and will get the data from the server
  • ENC and AIO will be send and exported separately due to sometimes higher AIO data volume.
  • ChartWorld can now send registration files so that CB is entering automatically the correct license number to register CB on our server
  • Updated routing and port data to e.g. reflect changes in the Suez Chanel


Please also pay attention on the features provided since ChartBrowser version 2.2.23:

Generate an Update Status Report of your ENCs portfolio
ChartBrowser generates an Update Status Report of the complete licensed ENC collection.  Alternatively this report can be generated for a particular route only (recommended for PAYS users). The Update Status Report outputs for each ENC the latest S-57 Edition and Update Number as well as information when the update has been received. Information regarding data export and AVCS media volumes are provided too. Outdated charts are indicated. This report can be printed and signed for Port State Control.

Cumulative Export of Exchange Sets for your ECDIS
All ECDIS charts updates (e.g. AVCS, AIO) which have been received via ChartBrowser on board can be exported into one Exchange Set. This Exchange Sets is a cumulative collection of all received chart updates since the last registered AVCS media state. In follow users on board can simply import this one Exchange Set into the ECDIS instead on the single weekly single Exchange Sets. In case AIO updates have been delivered on board, also this data can be exported cumulative


ChartBrowser 2.3.x can be executed in three different modes:

  • aboard a vessel to order and update charts online via E-mail communication
  • at the shipping company to verify orders from your vessels
  • in standard mode to manually generate orders without any online order/updating facility
For a free copy of ChartBrowser and to find out how to efficiently manage your ECDIS/ECS data coverage for your navigation systems, please register below:

To get a free copy of ChartBrowser and to find out how to efficiently manage your ECDIS/ECS data coverage for your navigation systems, please register below.


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Before installing ChartBrowser, we advise removing previous versions. Recommended minimum system requirements for installing ChartBrowser are:
  • Windows 7 (32 and 64bit), Windows 8 / 8.1
  • Screen resolution 1024 by 1024 pixels
  • Processor 1 GHz
  • 512 MB memory
  • 200 MB free disk space for the installation + 600 MB free disk space for paper chart database in case ChartWorld eNtM Service is to be used
  • offline internet browser to view Notices to Mariners in HMTL format in case ChartWorld eNTM Service shall be activated
  • PDF reader to view Notices to Mariners in PDF format in case ChartWorld eNTM Service shall be activated
  • If available, a ChartBrowser dedicated Email account to be used for Online Ordering / Updating
Please contact ChartWorld if you wish to use ChartBrowser in the Shipping Company office and /or on the vessel for online ordering and chart updating. Otherwise you may use ChartBrowser in standard mode (select "Use ChartBrowser without ChartWorld Online Ordering and Chart Updating Services" at the first start).